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Early Age Programming

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Mr. Abbas Wahab

IT Trainer

Mr. Abbas Wahab

MS (Innovative Technologies), BS (Software Engineering)

Early Age Programming

Excelsior College Swat recognizes the importance of preparing students for the digital age and the growing demand for programming and IT skills. To meet this need, we have developed a specialized syllabus on Early Age Programming. This syllabus is designed to equip students with fundamental programming knowledge and IT skills from an early stage. Here’s an overview of our Early Age Programming syllabus:

Introduction to Programming: Our syllabus starts by introducing students to the basics of programming. They learn about the concepts of algorithms, sequences, loops, and conditional statements. This foundation allows them to understand the logic and structure of programming languages.

Early Age Programming Platforms: We utilize user-friendly programming platforms specifically designed for young learners, such as Scratch,, and App Inventor. These platforms provide a visual and interactive environment where students can learn programming concepts through block-based coding.

Creative Projects and Problem-Solving: Students engage in hands-on coding projects that encourage creativity and problem-solving. They learn to develop interactive stories, animations, games, and mobile applications. Through these projects, students enhance their logical thinking, critical reasoning, and computational skills.

Web Development Basics: Our syllabus also introduces students to the basics of web development. They learn HTML and CSS, gaining an understanding of how web pages are structured and styled. This exposure to web development lays the foundation for further exploration in this field.

Collaborative Learning: We foster a collaborative learning environment where students work on programming projects together, exchanging ideas, and learning from one another. This encourages teamwork, communication skills, and the ability to collaborate effectively in real-world programming scenarios.

Hands-on Practice and Application: Throughout the syllabus, students engage in practical exercises, coding challenges, and mini-projects to reinforce their learning. This hands-on practice allows them to apply their programming skills and build a solid foundation in IT.

By integrating Early Age Programming into our curriculum, we aim to empower students with essential programming and IT skills from an early stage. This not only prepares them for future academic and career opportunities but also nurtures their creativity, problem-solving abilities, and computational thinking.

Join us at Excelsior College Swat and embark on an exciting journey of early-age programming, where students can develop their coding skills and ignite their passion for technology.

Annual Schedule

Excelsior College Swat follows an annual schedule that encompasses a diverse range of curricular and co-curricular activities. Our schedule is designed to provide students with a well-rounded educational experience, fostering cultural awareness, promoting participation in competitions, and encouraging engagement in sports and other events. Here are some highlights of our annual schedule:

Culture Days: We celebrate the rich diversity of cultures by organizing Culture Days. During these events, students have the opportunity to showcase their cultural heritage through music, dance, traditional attire, and culinary experiences. It’s a time to appreciate and learn from different cultures, promoting inclusivity and understanding among our student body.

International Days: Excelsior College Swat embraces global perspectives and organizes International Days to celebrate various cultures from around the world. Students get to learn about different countries, their traditions, languages, and customs. This promotes cross-cultural understanding and broadens students’ horizons.

Pakhtun Culture Day: As a college located in the beautiful region of Swat, we hold a special day dedicated to celebrating the vibrant Pakhtun culture. This day showcases the traditional music, dance, and customs of the Pakhtun community. It allows students to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for their own cultural roots.

Competitions: We believe in nurturing students’ talents and providing platforms for them to showcase their skills. Throughout the year, we organize various competitions, such as debates, quizzes, public speaking, art, and science exhibitions. These competitions encourage healthy competition, critical thinking, and creativity among our students.

Sports Events: Sports play a vital role in promoting physical fitness, teamwork, and discipline. Our annual schedule includes sports events where students can engage in friendly competitions and showcase their athletic abilities. These events range from inter-departmental tournaments to intercollegiate competitions, fostering a spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie.

Other Events: Excelsior College Swat organizes a wide range of additional events throughout the year, such as career fairs, seminars, workshops, and guest speaker sessions. These events aim to broaden students’ knowledge, enhance their skills, and provide exposure to real-world experiences and opportunities.

By following our annual schedule, students at Excelsior College Swat have the chance to participate in a variety of curricular and co-curricular activities. These events enrich their learning experience, promote personal growth, and contribute to their holistic development.

We believe in providing a well-rounded education that goes beyond the classroom, nurturing students’ talents, and fostering their cultural, social, and intellectual growth. Join us at Excelsior College Swat and be a part of our exciting annual schedule of activities.


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Discover important information and articles about Excelsior College Swat on our blog page. Stay updated with news, updates, and insights about our renowned institution.


To Articles & Important Information

Discover important information and articles about Excelsior College Swat on our blog page. Stay updated with news, updates, and insights about our renowned institution.

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