Excelsior College Swat maintains strict disciplinary standards to ensure a safe and conducive learning environment for all students. The following offenses/matters are considered serious and may result in expulsion, suspension, or withdrawal from the college, with or without prior warning:

  1. Cheating: Engaging in any form of academic dishonesty, such as copying, plagiarism, or using unauthorized materials during examinations or assignments.
  2. Lying: Providing false information or misleading the college authorities or staff members.
  3. Immoral Conduct: Engaging in behaviors or actions that are considered immoral or unethical, as determined by the college’s code of conduct.
  4. Unauthorized Leaving College Campus: Leaving the college campus without proper permission from the college administration or faculty.
  5. Possession of Weapons: Carrying arms, firearms, knives, or any other lethal weapons on college premises.
  6. Substance Abuse: Smoking or using drugs of any kind, as it is strictly prohibited within the college premises.
  7. Willful Property Damage: Intentionally causing damage to the college property, including classrooms, equipment, or facilities.
  8. Unauthorized Absence: Being absent from classes or any other college activities without obtaining proper permission from the college authorities.
  9. Non-payment of Fees: Failing to pay the required fees within the specified timeframe, even after an extended period.
  10. Bullying or Physical Violence: Engaging in bullying, harassment, or physical violence towards fellow students or any member of the college community.
  11. Rudeness: Displaying rude or disrespectful behavior towards the college staff or any member of the college community.
  12. Poor Academic Performance: Consistently failing to meet the academic performance standards set by the college.

It is important to note that the decision of the principal regarding disciplinary actions is final and cannot be challenged in any court of law.

Excelsior College Swat emphasizes the importance of maintaining a respectful and responsible learning environment, where students adhere to the code of conduct and contribute positively to the college community.

A transformative educational journey, empowering students with knowledge, skills, and character. A nurturing environment fostering growth, excellence, and lifelong success. Proud to be part of Excelsior College Swat.

Junaid Khan
Student of the year 2022

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