Digital Literacy

Excelsior College Swat understands the importance of equipping students with essential IT skills in today’s digital world. We are committed to nurturing technological literacy among our students and offer a range of opportunities to develop their IT skills. Our programs focus on various aspects, including graphic design, web development, word processing, and early-age programming.

  1. Graphic Design: Students at Excelsior College Swat have the opportunity to learn graphic design skills. They can explore graphic design software and tools to develop their creativity and visual communication abilities. Through hands-on projects and assignments, students gain practical experience in designing graphics for various purposes.
  2. Web Development: We provide students with the knowledge and skills to create and manage websites. They learn web development languages, frameworks, and content management systems to design and build functional and visually appealing websites. Our practical approach allows students to create their own web projects and gain proficiency in web development.
  3. Word Processing: Proficiency in word processing is crucial for effective communication and documentation. At Excelsior College Swat, we focus on teaching students advanced features of word processing software. They learn techniques for creating professional documents, formatting text, incorporating graphics, and collaborating on projects.
  4. Early Age Programming: We believe in starting early to introduce programming concepts to students. Through platforms like Scratch,,, and, students are introduced to the basics of programming in a fun and interactive manner. They learn coding logic, problem-solving, and create their own interactive projects and applications.

By integrating IT skills into our curriculum and offering dedicated programs, Excelsior College Swat aims to empower students with valuable digital competencies. We strive to prepare them for the demands of the digital age, where IT skills are increasingly vital in various fields and industries.

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