Excelsior College Swat has established rules and regulations to ensure a disciplined and conducive learning environment. The following guidelines are to be followed by all students:

  1. Respectful Behavior: Students are expected to maintain a high level of decency and respect towards their teachers, prefects, seniors, colleagues, and juniors. Indecent behavior or unfair treatment of juniors is strictly prohibited.
  2. Maintenance of College Property: Students are directly responsible for the upkeep and proper maintenance of college property. Any damage, defacing, or willful destruction of the college building, furniture, fixtures, glass panes, books, windows/doors panes, etc., will result in the responsible student being held accountable and required to pay twice the cost of the damaged articles.
  3. Respect for Teachers: When a teacher enters the classroom, students should stand up as a mark of respect and remain standing until directed to sit.
  4. Attendance Requirement: Students must attend a minimum of 90 percent of classes, lectures, and practicals. Failure to meet this attendance requirement may render a student ineligible to appear in examinations.
  5. Absence from Classes: Repeated absences from classes, lectures, or practicals may result in a student being struck off from the college rolls.
  6. Permission for Classroom/Laboratory Access: Students are not allowed to enter classrooms or laboratories without the permission of the teacher in charge.
  7. Identity and Library Cards: Students must possess and carry their college identity cards and library cards at all times.
  8. Order and Discipline: Students are required to maintain order and exhibit perfect discipline within the college premises.
  9. Prohibited Activities: Noisy or unseemly activities or behaviors are strictly forbidden in the college during or after class hours.
  10. Unauthorized Games/Sports: Students are not permitted to engage in unauthorized games or sports within the college premises.
  11. Communication with Authorities: Students should not directly address any college authority. Any communication intended for an authority figure must be submitted through the Principal, who will forward or refer it if deemed necessary.
  12. Cooperation of Parents/Guardians: Parents and guardians are expected to cooperate with the college administration and authorities. They and their wards should refrain from engaging in any anti-institutional activities.
  13. Teacher Accessibility: Teachers are accessible at any time to address difficulties and grievances. Students are encouraged to seek advice and guidance from their teachers.
  14. Permissions for External Speakers/Meetings: Prior permission from the Principal is required to invite any person to address a meeting or society within the college premises. Similarly, no society or meeting can be organized without written permission from the Principal.
  15. Discipline during Boarding/Transport: Students are required to maintain discipline when boarding and leaving transportation provided by the college.
  16. Leave and Attendance: Leave taken by students will be at their own risk in terms of attendance percentage. Even a medical certificate will not excuse a deficiency in attendance.
  17. Absenteeism: Students absent without leave continuously for six days will have their names struck off from the college rolls.
  18. Fine for Absenteeism: Students who absent themselves from college without proper leave may be subject to a fine imposed by the concerned section head.
  19. Pre-Board Examinations: All students in board classes will be given a pre-board examination at the end of the academic year. Absent and failed students in the test will not be allowed to appear in the board examinations.
  20. Correspondence: All correspondence regarding college matters should be addressed to the Principal.

It is important for students to adhere to these rules and regulations to maintain a harmonious and disciplined college environment at Excelsior College Swat.

A transformative educational journey, empowering students with knowledge, skills, and character. A nurturing environment fostering growth, excellence, and lifelong success. Proud to be part of Excelsior College Swat.

Junaid Khan
Student of the year 2022

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