Excelsior College Swat follows a houses system to promote a sense of camaraderie, healthy competition, and leadership among our students. The houses system allows students from Nursery to Second Year to be grouped into six houses. Each house is assigned a dedicated house master who provides guidance and support to the students. Here are the houses and their respective house masters:

  1. Khalid – Bin – Waleed House (Grey Color): Led by Mr. Saif ud Din, this house represents the spirit of resilience and determination inspired by the legendary Islamic warrior, Khalid bin Waleed.
  2. Kamran House (Yellow Color): Led by Mr. Jumraiz Khan, this house embodies the values of optimism, enthusiasm, and a thirst for knowledge.
  3. Shaukat Yousafzai House (Green Color): Led by Mr. Farmanullah, this house takes inspiration from Shaukat Yousafzai, a prominent figure in public service, and represents the values of integrity, social responsibility, and leadership.
  4. Shakeel House (Brown Color): Led by Mr. Inamullah, this house embodies the qualities of perseverance, determination, and dedication, inspired by the renowned Pakistani cricketer, Shakeel Ahmad.
  5. Laiq House (Blue Color): Led by Mr. Fawad Khan, this house represents the values of creativity, innovation, and a passion for arts and literature.
  6. Jahanzeb House (White Color): Led by Mr. Shakeel Ahmad, this house draws inspiration from the visionary leader Jahanzeb, promoting qualities of wisdom, vision, and ethical values.

The houses engage in various co-curricular activities, including morning assembly preparations, sports competitions, quiz competitions, speech competitions, and more. Regular inter-house competitions are held throughout the year, allowing students to showcase their talents, develop teamwork skills, and foster a healthy competitive spirit.

The houses system at Excelsior College Swat provides students with a platform to grow, collaborate, and build lifelong connections. It instills a sense of belonging, leadership, and a strong sense of identity within our student community.

Join us at Excelsior College Swat and be a part of our houses system, where you can unleash your potential, showcase your skills, and experience the camaraderie of being part of a vibrant and competitive house community.

A transformative educational journey, empowering students with knowledge, skills, and character. A nurturing environment fostering growth, excellence, and lifelong success. Proud to be part of Excelsior College Swat.

Junaid Khan
Student of the year 2022

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